The Met is excited to present a brilliant new season of creative, inspiring fringe theatre during Spring 2019. There are shows that will make you laugh or cry. There are new takes on familiar stories, and new stories from familiar names. We have some of our favourite companies returning to Bury with new shows, and we welcome other new talent for the first time.

Tempted to join us for something new this year? We’re offering a fantastic saving of £10.50 if you join us for any THREE of the shows that appear below – that’s the equivalent of 3 shows for the price of 2. So treat yourself to more of what you like, or take a chance on discovering something new while saving some money.

Choose from: acclaimed fringe comedy Love Letters From Blackpool (24 Jan) // twisted one-man modern horror I’m Frank Morgan (9 Feb) // Bittersweet coming-of-age comedy drama The Shy Manifesto (13 Feb) // a new imagining of Oscar Wilde’s classic Dorian (22 Feb) // comedy great Jimmy Cricket’s end-of-an-era No More Fiffing and Faffing (23 Feb) // hilarious update of Gogol’s classic satire The Government Inspector! (28 Feb) // anarchic physical comedy inspire by Greek stories in Unmythable (14 Mar) // a return to the pub in Jim Cartwright’s comedy sequel Two 2 (4 Apr) // punchy and poetic new theatre in SparkPlug (5 & 6 Apr) // belly-laughs and heartache in A Hundred Different Words for Love (18 Apr).

With these shows individually priced at £10 or £12 (+ transaction fees) you’ll pay under £30 for 3 great nights out this season.

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