State of Satta are a seven piece dub-fusion band based in the north of England brought together by a collective love of dub and reggae.

The band fuse the rhythms of one-drop and steppas, bone shaking bass lines and resonant vocals to create a distinct groove driven sound.

Founded from the ashes of 2020, State of Satta released their first live single and video session Bring out the Fiya in the Spring of 2021 garnering 15,000 views on facebook within its first three days. Whilst still being a young band, they have a wealth of experience playing within Stig of the Dub, Digital Foundation and Radio Riddler.

Over the next six months the band shall be releasing a set of singles leading up to their debut EP We still move with their debut single Strong as Lions already garnering radio play on BBC Radio Leicester and West Yorkshire, the trajectory of this new band is an exciting one to follow.

Dates & Times

Last session: Sat 21 May 2022 at 8:00 PM - This event has now passed
Derby Hall @ The Met
Door from £11 door / Advance from £9 (inc fees)

Standing event with limited balcony seating.

Advance ticket offer available until 5pm on the day of the performance. Discount applies when your ticket is in the cart.

Covid Safety at The Met

This will be a full-capacity event with a non-socially distanced audience; we will however still be utilising many Covid safety measures for your safety and the safety of our staff.

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