Folk music star Sam Lee brings his unique experience of starlit walks in the English woods for outdoor concerts with wild nightingales and special guest musicians to The Met.

Singing With Nightingales: Live will see the nightingales’ courtship song broadcast live into The Met’s Derby Hall, where Sam and guest musicians Kate Young and Jarlath Henderson will collaborate in this unique performance from the comfort of the auditorium.

Sam Lee’s spoken and sung narrative, creates a guided imaginatory forest walk, drawing you into the lore of the woods with transporting folk songs and guest musicians. This meditative journey is accompanied by immersive lighting and a live audio feed of the evening chorus as it fades to silence, followed by the signature duet as performers join with the birds’ after-dark song.

Presented by worldwide roots music promoter, The Nest Collective, these groundbreaking concerts weave a narrative of song and story concerning the nightingale’s role in folklore, landscape and migration, overshadowed by their current alarming decline. Hear their song and its powerful effect while you still can.


Dates & Times

Last session: Thu 3 May 2018 at 8:30 PM - This event has now passed
Derby Hall

Please note: We expect this show to start at 8.30pm, and finish at 11.30pm. However as the event is dependent upon rare and elusive bird singing, the show in necessarily improvised and timings can only be approximate.

There is no interval for this show, however there will be a relaxed and casual atmosphere, and audience members are encouraged to come and go as they wish.


“The strangest and most wonderful concert”

The Observer

“Absolutely gorgeous…”

BBC Radio 4

Sam Lee’s Singing with Nightingales: LIVE

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