The Fab’ Four ride into town once again.

Taking inspiration from their roots in the Irish and English Tradition, Flook have become synonymous with an enviable trademark sound. It features precise acoustic grooves, soaring improvisation, all topped off with impeccable stage presentation. They’re a band that thrives on a four way dialogue that unleashes melodic interplay providing a unique and inspiring experience for their audience.

With a line up that features flutes, whistles, guitar and bodhran you can expect material that ranges from delicate to powerful and bold.

With a veritable war chest of awards to boast of, we eagerly await the release of their new album. Expect it all to become evident when we welcome Flook once again to The Big Whistle Festival.

Flook is the first band we’re announcing for Big Whistle Festival 2019. We’ll be revealing more festival artists soon.

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Derby Hall
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