Unlock Your Child’s Creative Potential at The School of Curiosity!

Is your child bursting with creativity?

Do they love reading, making, and telling stories?

Do they have a passion for exploring the world of imagination?

Well, then, look no further!

Welcome to The School of Curiosity– a thrilling creative learning programme that will ignite your child’s imagination and set their creative thinking skills alight!

School of Curiosity

Unleash the Power of Storytelling: At The School of Curiosity, your child will embark on an exciting journey of storytelling-based games and activities. These engaging exercises will hone their storytelling abilities, helping them weave tales that transport both the teller and the listener to magical worlds of their own creation.

School of CuriosityEmbrace the Enchantment of Puppetry: Discover a truly unique and imaginative way to tell stories – puppetry! Our young learners will explore the wonders of puppetry, breathing life into inanimate objects and developing characterful and unique performance!

Nurturing Wellbeing Through Creativity: We understand the importance of emotional well-being, and that’s why our programme supports your child’s well-being through creative expression. Encouraging a positive and open mindset, we create a safe space where each child can thrive, grow, and flourish.

Save the Date: The School of Curiosity’s spring term starts on 15 April 2024 at The Met, Bury.

For more information about The School of Curiosity email info@leagueofcuriosity.co.uk

Spaces are limited to 10 students, so secure your child’s spot today.

Book tickets

The Loft @ The Met

Sessions take place every Monday at The Met, starting on 15 April.

School of Curiosity: Apprentices (ages 7-9)
16:30 – 17:30 – £5 per 1-hour session or make a one-time payment of £30 for the 7-week course (giving you a FREE session)

School of Curiosity: Scholars (ages 10-14)
17:30 – 19:30 – £7 per 2-hour session or make a one-time payment of £42 for the entire 7-week term (giving you a FREE session)

We have received funding to offer FREE spaces to people who are currently adversely affected by the cost-of-living crisis. To book a free place, please email info@leagueofcuriosity.co.uk

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