One Man Bond: Every Bond Film In 60 Minutes chronicles over half a century of the most successful movie franchise in history.

Written and performed by Brian Gorman, this is a whirlwind tour of every cinematic adventure of the world’s favourite secret agent, and his often outlandish missions to save the world time and time again.

Let Brian Gorman take you on a journey from Sean Connery’s super smooth sixties Bond, right through to the ultra realistic modern day portrayal of Daniel Craig. On the way meet over two hundred of your favourite characters, including M, Moneypenny, Q, and the infamous villains Dr No, Goldfinger, Blofeld, Mr Big, Scaramanga, Jaws, and Raul Silva.

One Man Bond was recently staged in Manchester, Chester, Oldham, Blackpool, the world famous Pinewood Studios (home of the Bond movies), and at the 2018 Starburst Media City Festival in Salford.

Manchester-based Brian Gorman is a life-long Bond fan, having read all the Ian Fleming novels as a child in the 1970s, and seeing every movie dozens of times. He wrote and co-produced the acclaimed stage play New Dawn Fades: A Play About Joy Division and Manchester which has toured nationally for the last five years.

He also wrote and drew the recent graphic novels Everyman: A Celebration of Patrick McGoohan and The Prisoner, and Borderliners: True Realities (Invisible Six Books).

Dates & Times

Last session: Wed 17 Oct 2018 at 8:00 PM - This event has now passed
£10 / £8 concession


“An acting tour de force - brilliantly capturing the essence of each Bond actor and the non-PC absurdities of the Bond series. It's a show that definitely keeps the British end up!”

Robert Sellers (Author of 'The Battle For Bond')

“…in an electrifying way, Brian Gorman takes to the stage with real animation, not just imitating but in a way embodying every Bond character he takes on. Hilarious. From the Biff!, Biff!, Wallop! of the fight scenes through the clever characterisations and voices to the inevitable Boom!, Boom! explosions that ripped through the end of virtually every scene.”

Louder Than War

“...What’s important in a show like this is for all the characters to be distinct and recognisable; thankfully, Gorman is a skilled impressionist, getting the vocal tics of every Bond spot-on and even making us chuckle with his perfect capturing of Roger Moore’s distinctive stance. His Christopher Walken is a treat. This is one fan’s loving and hilarious tribute to the history of Bond movies.”

Starburst Magazine

One Man Bond: Every Bond film in 60 minutes

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