WonderIfTheatre stages ‘MOJO’ – Jez Butterworth’s original slick, violent, black comedy. Set in the heart of Manchester’s early 1990’s club scene, gangland bosses jostle for power and the worlds of petty crooks – high on speed, slimming pills and anything else they can get their mitts on – collide and culminate in a night of disaster. 

Come and meet Potts, Sweets, Skinny, Mickey and Baby and watch their world turn upside down as they try to locate Silver Johnny and figure out exactly what has happened to notorious gang leader, Ezra. It’s not to be missed!


WonderIf is a new, brave and bold northern theatre company, which affords aspiring actors and designers their first opportunity to stage and tour amateur productions. Fuelled by imagination, innovation and true Mancunian grit, this young and innovative theatre company trains and supports the next generation of theatre creatives.

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14+ contains strong language.

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