Acclaimed world/folk five-piece Moishe’s Bagel perform their specially commissioned score for Mikhail Kalatozov’s remarkable 1930 silent film Salt for Svanetia. Set in the remote Caucasus mountains, the film tells the story of the traditional way of life of the Svan people and is one of the most visually stunning pieces of the Soviet silent era. Part ethnography, part propaganda, it is matched here by the band’s striking new score, which is as dramatic, moving, and occasionally humorous as the film itself.

The first half of the evening will feature a full set from Moishe’s Bagel, featuring their trademark exhilarating sound of eastern European melodies, middle Eastern rhythms and improvisational excitement. The film will be screened after the interval.

Moishe’s Bagel are: Phil Alexander (piano), Greg Lawson (violin), Mario Caribe (bass), Pete Garnett (accordion) and Guy Nicolson (percussion). Between them they play with Eliza Carthy, BBC Scottish Symphony orchestra, Scottish National Jazz Orchestra, Salsa Celtica and many more.

Salt for Svanetia
Salt for Svanetia

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“With its quirky rhythms and off-kilter harmonies, the music was a striking, Prokofiev-meets-Nyman counterpart to the bizarre images in Mikhail Kalatozov’s remarkable film. But running through the music were a vibrant, Eastern-tinged lyricism and nobility that seemed intent on celebrating the archaic traditions of the remote Georgian community that Kalatozov’s film pitied.”

The Scotsman

“Exhilarating, full-flavoured stuff, often breathtakingly intricate but played with jubilation… the Bagels acquire the momentum of an express train”

The Herald

Moishe’s Bagel

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