Marconi Union

Marconi Union

Marconi Union return to The Met to perform tracks from recent new album Signals and selections from their highly acclaimed discography with a new live AV show. Despite having released twelve albums in the last eighteen years the north Manchester musicians continue to experiment and push boundaries.

The band set to writing Signals with a whole new swathe of influences: “We talked about what it’d be like to have drummers like Jaki Leibezeit or Tony Allen playing on our music. How would that affect how we wrote?” Alongside other influences from Krautrock to Electronica, Signals enters exciting new territory.

Marconi Union fit somewhere between artists such as Kraftwerk, Biosphere and Boards of Canada – whilst at the same time having their own distinct sound. They are best known for Weightless which has being described by academics and others as ‘the most relaxing piece of music ever made’. It has over 200 million Spotify plays and 120 million YouTube streams.

“Minimal, introspective, ethereal electronica – gorgeous” – The Guardian.

“Exquisite, subtle soundscapes, an essential purchase for ambient addicts” – DJ Mag

Dark Fidelity Hi Fi

Dark Fidelity Hi Fi is one of the Manchester undergrounds best kept secrets. The electronic wizard has a stunning back catalogue of releases under his belt that include a slew of albums under the Bricolage label.

When it comes to live performance, few can translate their studio sound to the live setting with such aplomb. Old school track structures hark back to the glory days of 90’s IDM but with a modern twist. Meticulous preparation of drum work and melodies create a labyrinth of sounds that cover ambient, glitch, jazz and much more. These are just parts of the Dark Fidelity Hi Fi puzzle that make a sonic and visual experience like no other.

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The Box @ The Met
£13 (inc fees)

Doors open 7pm

Covid Safety at The Met

This will be a full-capacity event with a non-socially distanced audience; we will however still be utilising many Covid safety measures for your safety and the safety of our staff.

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