Like many Irish families Maisie’s siblings have migrated across the globe and as the youngest she is left at home, dealing with her demanding, ailing, feckless father. The only sanctuary and solace for her is found in the field by her house, when she tends her prize winning, blight resistant potatoes.

Just Turf is a poignant, original and dark exploration of one woman’s personal fantasy to dance with Michael Flately and smother him in her prize winning creamy mashed potato.

This is a play on a passion of youth, now lost in a starchy, tuberous crop and the frustration of the dance repeatedly whumped out on a hard kitchen floor.

Just Turf returns to The Met as a completed show, having been seen here in July as a work-in-progress presented as part of the Greater Manchester Fringe Festival.

Recommended for ages 14+.

SPECIAL OFFER: See Just Turf for just £5 if you buy in combination with Moya Brennan or Showaddywaddy.

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