Yorkshire folk singer Jack Rutter has established himself as one of the standout voices of the folk, roots and acoustic music scene in recent years.

A hugely engaging stage presence, his soaring vocal, powerhouse guitar and bouzouki playing and masterful arrangements of traditional songs and contemporary co-vers have enthralled audiences from the largest festival main stages to the most inti-mate folk clubs.

This year sees the release of his critically acclaimed third album This Is Something Constant, a compelling and spellbinding showcase of gripping story ballads and up-beat festival-stage firecrackers, perfectly pitched and delivered with soaring, crystal clear vocals that breathe new life into ancient tales.

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“Jack Rutter is one of the most enthralling folk singers, guitarists & musicians on the British folk scene today - with This Is Something Constant, the final release in a trilogy, he has hit the highest watermark to date.”

Folk Radio UK

“Jack says the album’s title is about the longevity and lasting truth of folk songs, and on this classic album, he tells it like it is. Quality like this lasts, it is one for the long road.”

Irish Music Magazine

“A fabulous album - like the first time I heard Martin Carthy on disc I’m en-thralled by every track.”

Mike Harding

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