Dominie Hooper’s voice pushes forth a depth, darkness, and arresting honesty, as her songs dissect shame, sexuality, survival and identity with an ever-present sense of solidarity and optimism. Her sound draws from English folk, classical music, alt-rock, and avant-garde pop, defying easy categorisation, and pushing at the boundaries of standard folk and singer-songwriter fare.

Hooper, a London-based, Dartmoor-born singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, spent years as a sought-after collaborator and session musician working and touring with the likes of Yola, Alabaster Deplume, and Band of Burns, as well as on avant-garde theatre projects with companies such as James Thierree and Verity Standen. However, 2022 sees the launch of her ambitious solo venture. Mikey Kenney, Phil Self (Cocos Lovers, Will Varley), and Corrie Dick (Dinosaur) complete this carefully conceived band with a musical connection that is both eclectic and electrifying.

Live, Dominie Hooper’s undeniable stage presence makes you feel in the company of an old friend, and the embrace of musicians on stage emanates warmth through the room. Prepare for a hug and a punch in the gut, as this exhilarating new solo artist promises to make an undeniable impact on the world of contemporary folk and beyond.

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“Absolutely sumptuous.”

Sean Rafferty, BBC R3 (live on-air performance with Band of Burns)

“We arrived two days into the festival on Friday, in time to witness the angelic tones of Dominie Hooper. The seasoned collaborator and session musician has only just begun stepping out with her own material, and the breadth of her talent is immediately apparent. The original songs, performed perfectly, tread the line of other genres like dream-pop and more alternative styles of folk, whilst keeping the universal folky appeal. Even if “folk” isn’t your bag, Hooper has much to offer and could happily sit on a bill of indie bands as a pure folk bill.”

Under The Radar Magazine for FOCUS Wales 2021

“Deliciously off the wall.”

Terry O’Brien, Playpen Music Agency