Singer-songwriter Chloe Foy returns to The Met to play songs from her brand new album Where Shall We Begin, released in June 2021.

Chloe Foy first started to attract attention as far back as 2013 when her debut single In The Middle of the Night was picked up by BBC Radio 6 and Radio 2. Follow-up singles, Flaws and Asylum brought huge streaming success – the latter is approaching 8.5 millon Spotify plays – and festival appearances followed soon after – SXSW in 2018, Greenman and Cambridge Folk Festival in 2019.

Inspired by songwriters like Gillian Welch, Edith Piaf and Tyler Ramsay, Where Shall We Begin revolves around Foy’s spine-tingling, pure vocals and her near perfect songwriting. Expect the melodies to lodge in your head for days.

She says “These songs are my most inner and deepest secrets. The kind of things I only express to those closest to me, but for some reason in song, I can be open with the world.”

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Covid Safety at The Met

This will be a full-capacity event with a non-socially distanced audience; we will however still be utilising many Covid safety measures for your safety and the safety of our staff.

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“Foy glistens with a dark, youthful honesty.”


“Foy’s soothing melodies gently land like a falling star to bring darkness into light.”

Secret Meeting

“Chloe Foy places each note in exactly the right position.”

Clash Magazine

Chloe Foy

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