Ecclesiastical Insurance have recently announced their Movement for Good initiative, a campaign devoted to giving £1000 to 1,500 charities who are struggling as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak.

In order to select the 1,500 charities, Ecclesiastical are asking the public to nominate their chosen charity who they believe deserve a grant. Nominations are completely free, and are completed by filling out a simple form on the Ecclesiastical website. Nominations close on the 24th May, and the more nominations charities can collect before this deadline, the higher the chance is that they will be selected to receive a £1000 grant.

Here at The Met, a grant of £1000 would make a big difference to our ability to endure our temporary closure and the challenges facing us as a result of this pandemic. Our cashflow has been severely reduced as a result of the cancellation and rescheduling of our shows, the ticket sales of which comprise 60% of our annual income. As an entertainment venue, we are aware that we will be one of the last organisations to reopen as lockdown regulations are eased, and so in order to sustain us through this period, we need your help.

If you could please spare two minutes to nominate us for this grant, and share the link with your friends and family we’d be extremely grateful. The only information you will need is our registered charity number (701879), official charity name (Bury Metropolitan Arts Association) and our charity type (community). The rest is up to you!

Thank you from us all!


If you are interested in supporting us in another way, please visit our Support Us page, where you can find information about Memberships, and how to Donate to The Met.