As we highlighted in our recent Membership Matters blog post, the situation created by Covid-19 has had the major silver lining of bringing us closer to our supporters and sponsors. 

Avoira have been standing beside us since 2014 when they first supported our Head for the Hills Festival, and later joined as one of our corporate members in 2017. We’re so happy to announce that Avoira have recently renewed their membership for another year with us, which is invaluable in allowing us to continue adapting our services to support our community through an incredibly challenging time. 

Beyond the continuation of their corporate membershipAvoira have also played a key role in our recovery strategy. Naturally, the most important element when considering our phased reopening plan has been the safety of our audience. We are acutely aware this situation will continue to affect our sector for months to come, and so we wanted to put as many measures as possible in place to ensure that everyone in our building was healthy and comfortable throughout their visit.  

As many of you know, we are a charity and so being able to front the additional costs of safety equipment during a time when our cashflow is severely diminished is another challenge within itself. Avoira have very kindly offered to support us with our reopening by donating one of their new, state of the art, temperature detection machines that will enable us to better protect our audiences as they return to our venue. The machine offers another layer of reassurance for both us as a venue, and members of the public entering our building, and will be instrumental in our recovery. 

We were excited to debut the machine at our first, members exclusive, event earlier this month. Having the machine in place helped us massively in preparing for such a milestone event in our reopening, and ensured that both our staff and members were as safe as possible throughout the evening. We received really great feedback from our members about the experience, and are very grateful to have such an important piece of safety equipment as we gradually move towards allowing more people into our building. 

We celebrated our relationship in our Meet The Sponsors blog post series earlier in the year, where you can find more detail about how our relationship has developed over the years. If you’re interested in becoming a corporate member please visit our corporate memberships page or email our Development Officer Ceri, at