Artists from Anywhere is a season of streaming concerts featuring exclusive and rare lockdown sets from some of our favourite artists.

The last twelve months have been tough for everyone who loves live music; fans and artists alike. Over the next few weeks we’re going to check in with some of the musicians we’d have loved to bring to Bury this year and give you a reminder of what we’ve been missing… and what we’ll see again.  

Each week will feature sets recorded by great artists from the international folk and Americana scenes. In true Met style we’ll be stretching that definition as far as it goes, but they’re all great sets from artists we’d love you to hear.  

You’ll get 60(ish) minutes from one or two great artists, and our Artistic Director David Agnew will be introducing the sets live and chatting to some of the artists involved 

Shows are priced between £6 – £8 (or you can pay just £15 for all 3 that are on sale now), and you can buy and watch directly from The Met website on our new video player. It’s a chance to catch up with what we’ve been watching and listening to, and to get excited for the return of live music in person in 2021.  

How to access the streams

Purchase a ticket by following the BOOK link on each show.

Then, on the evening of the event, just click WATCH ONLINE on the show page and login using the same email address you used when you bought your ticket.

The streams will start at 7.15pm, and the first artists will be on our virtual stage at 7.30pm.

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