Writing and playing original blues with conviction is one of the toughest things that the more seasoned musicians can do well. The maxim ‘it’s all been done before’ is true… to a degree. One could say that about any genre of music whether deliberately steeped in history, or as contemporary and experimental as it comes.

It’s certainly true that The Stumble concentrate on the more mature forms of popular music from the 50’s onwards, blues, soul, R&B, rock n’ roll etc. Music that even precedes the bands own years; but this is precisely what the band feel is the musical stuff that moves people in many different ways. Rhythm and togetherness is the key element. No two songs should sound the same in an entire couple of sets of songs. The plan is to take the listener on a live journey to musical backwaters that subtlety allude to each individual band members own influences. It’s at this point that a bunch of decent musicians become a great band.

The Stumble is a family. What comes out on stage is a genuine reflection of their collective passions. You may hear whispers of Maceo Parker, Peter Green, Donald Duck Dunn, Al Jackson Jr., Bobby Bland etc; but those whispers become a true original voice when all elements come together in a sweet blend of power, conviction, emotion, musicianship and original songcraft. You will not need to refer to, nor research the influences to enjoy this band.

The band themselves simply call it ‘Stumble music’. Just tune in and enjoy. An ever growing number of people know that The Stumble deliver with a warmth and truth that sets them apart.

No restrictions, no fear good time music for all.

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The Stumble

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