If you can play a simple tune and like to play with others, this workshop is for you. It is basically a guided slow tune session. Even if you play to a higher level you are still encouraged to attend.

Instrument: High or Low D Whistle or any other instrument (e.g. fiddle, accordion, bodhran, flute etc.).

Emma Sweeney is fast becoming a musical legend as a stand out figure who has grown from the Manchester Irish scene. Apart from her virtuosic ability on the fiddle, Emma is a highly gifted teacher. In this session Emma will be joined by the highly rated Manchester based Accordionist Adele Farrell.

Emma and Adele will lead you through a slow and easy tune session. There won’t be any requirement to play fast or technically demanding material. The workshop will consist of simple steady paced tunes that are accessible to all. You will be encouraged to listen and play tunefully at a steady pace together.

This will be a great opportunity to work and play with two world class musicians, whilst allowing you to gain confidence to play simple slow tunes with others in an unchallenging environment.

If you purchase a weekend ticket or a full Saturday ticket for this event, you will only pay £1 to attend the Big Whistle Festival workshops.

Dates & Times

Last session: Sat 6 May 2017 at 3:00 PM - This event has now passed

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