The Good Lovelies are Toronto’s Kerri OughSue Passmore, and Caroline Brooks; three immensely talented vocalists and songwriters in their own right. However it’s their voices interwoven in harmony – powerful and pure, organic and inspiring – that elevates the Good Lovelies from impressive to peerless. Over the course of their decade-plus career, they’ve covered plenty of stylistic ground, adding tinges of pop, roots, jazz, and even hip-hop to their country folk core at various points. 

The trio first united in 2006 for a one-off performance and has since compiled a catalogue of four studio albums, a pair of EPs, a live album, and Christmas collection. Through it all, the unmistakable sound of their intertwined voices has been the sonic anchor, and that remains true as the Good Lovelies now push further into the mainstream with their most accessible and pop-influenced output to date, the 2018 album Shapeshifters. 

Their latest collection offers a perfect balance between a more modern production style and the wholesome musical influences that have made them a household name in their native Canada over the years. What’s more, the songs themselves build on the Good Lovelies’ familiar foundation with a widespread appeal.



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The Good Lovelies

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