Singer-songwriter Roisin O’Hagan recently used The Met’s Edwin Street Recording Studio as set for her new music video ‘Sunset Valley’. She writes:

I was looking for a location around Greater Manchester to provide a range of live room, vocal booth and control room shots and Edwin Street was perfect to give us a variety of options in one location. I found the quality of both the equipment and well-thought-out recording space exceptional. The studio includes some excellent Quested main monitors with an analog Toft desk. The space is well set out and stylish and the location was discreet yet easy to find. I would highly recommend!

The music video was shot and produced by Chris Croft of Croftwerk, who I had the pleasure of collaborating with on every aspect of the video to illustrate my version of the story within ‘Sunset Valley’. The Met’s Edwin Street studio featured majorly in the video, providing various backdrops throughout, and served as a perfect location for depicting the story!

I’ve been lucky to partner on the music video with Viktrs, an exciting new company who are helping artists like me to make the most out of the commercial opportunities music videos can bring.

Both my single and music video for ‘Sunset Valley’ are out now. Produced by Neal Handforth, mixed by Billy Decker and mastered by Adam Grover, it features incredible Nashville musicians Tim Galloway, Brian Allen and Miles McPherson.

The track is inspired by the driven, Pop/Rock sounds of Counting Crows and the romantic lyricism of Bruce Springsteen and Taylor Swift, all of which are huge influences of mine.

‘Sunset Valley’ illustrates the nostalgic picture of a love from the past that feels like unfinished business.‘Sunset Valley’ and its characters are fictional but they tell a story I feel everyone can relate to; that first time you fall in love. Life moves on from your first heartbreak. People grow, move away from their hometown, chase dreams and meet new horizons. Yet, thinking back to the first time, can still bring you to that time, place and all its passion. The song speaks of someone who hangs on to what they had with their first love in times gone by. The protagonist wonders where that person is now, whether they achieved their goals and whether they have found someone else. Despite being content with her life today, there is a hope and blind faith that the two of them will find each other again. This unfulfilled love will spark anew, as a love that wasn’t over. She holds on to the belief that the best things are going to take time.

I recorded my guitar and vocal parts at Chamber Studio in Edinburgh with vocal engineer Graeme Young while the rest of the parts were recorded remotely in Nashville, where I’ve since visited to be part of the upcoming tracks in person. ‘Sunset Valley’ is the first single of my upcoming Summer EP and is going to be followed by the second single ‘Road From Nevada’, which is out 27th May.



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