We are delighted to announce that, due to popular demand, we’re making more tickets available for Bury’s Christmas show for 2019, The Big Snowy Christmas at The Met.

Our Pyjama Performance at 7pm on Friday has very nearly SOLD OUT, so we’ve added another on Saturday 21 December at 7pm. It’s an extra chance to get your kids into their jim-jams and onesies early, maybe grab a favourite teddy, and have a night out at the theatre on the weekend before Christmas. As with all shows there’ll the chance to buy freshly-baked cookies and milk to enjoy in your seat.

We also have public tickets available for our show on Thursday 19 December at 10.30am; perfect for younger kids not yet attending school or for nursery or childminder groups.

And we’re proud to have a relaxed performance available to book on Thursday 19 December at 2pm. Relaxed performances are all about relaxing the traditional rules of sitting in the theatre. It’s perfect for everyone from younger kids who may not be able to sit through an hour long show, to those with autism or related conditions, or anyone who may otherwise have access issues or feel uncomfortable with a traditional theatre environment. It means you’ll be able to go into the theatre half an hour before the show, have a touch tour or see the characters before they take to the stage, and generally get comfortable with the environment. The doors will remain open throughout the performance and the house lights will be a little higher than usual during the show, so coming and going during the show is fine. Anyone can book for and enjoy this show, expecting a little more noise and movement from your fellow audience members.

The Big Snowy Christmas is a charming festive show perfect for ages 3-6, with music, puppetry and a smattering of seasonal magic.

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