This month, we’re so happy to announce that Contained Air Solutions have rejoined us as one of our Gold members! Their generous support has really boosted us during a time that is not only challenging for us, but tough for many businesses around the country.  

Contained Air Solutions originally became involved with The Met through our Head for the Hills Festival in 2015 as a sponsor, before transitioning to become a Gold Corporate Member of The Met in 2019. Ian Warburton, their Project Director, has been one of our lovely audience members for years, and has since also become one of our Patrons and helps to spread the word about the great work that we do.  

As an organisation, Contained Air Solutions are not only helping their community through their support of The Met, but they have been heavily involved in supporting the NHS testing efforts during the pandemic. Their equipment has already been installed in several major labs across the country, and they have been busy working closely with Public Health England to support smaller labs to further build the overall testing capacity, and make sure it reaches the daily Government targets.  It is so uplifting to see one of our corporate members doing such important work, and we couldn’t be more proud to share the news of the important work that they are doing. 

Contained Air Solutions Warehouse

It has been really lovely seeing our relationship with Contained Air Solutions develop over the past 5 years. Not only have we gained a wonderful corporate member, but also a lovely Patron and friend of The Met.  

From us all here, a heartfelt thank you for your enduring support and generosity, particularly during this challenging time.  

Supporting The Met 

The support of our corporate members helps us to achieve our aim of becoming the go-to place for arts and music for our region, and to continue to inspire our community by delivering quality and innovation made possible through a sustainable and resilient organisation. We prioritise enhancing the wellbeing of our diverse communities, and strive to strengthen their sense of social cohesion and local pride with the aim of making Bury and Greater Manchester a better place to live and work.   

If you would like to find out more about the possibility of becoming a corporate member, please email Ceri on, or find out a little more on our Corporate Membership page.