Met Express is one of our outreach workshops who use the performing arts to support adults with disabilities to develop the key skills of confidence, communication, and creativity.

The workshop is designed to provide members with a safe space to learn, build friendships and ultimately work towards leading more independent lives. Met Express has been running for 10 years and has 25 members, most of whom we have longstanding relationships with.

We have seen the tangible difference this group can make in the feedback of our members, who all agree the group has grown their confidence, challenged them to learn new things, and has made them feel included and part of something.

“I’ve been challenged in every way [at Met Express] and that’s a good thing for me […] I lack confidence and believing in myself and that’s a skill I’ve gained. Everyone is so supportive and helpful.”

“I’ve learnt how to be more creative, create drama in a different way and direct myself and other people and that’s a great skill to have as an actor and a director.”

Met Express have been meeting online since the lockdown began last March. As they look forward to finally being able to come back to The Met, see each other and create new theatre in person, we asked them what they are most looking forward to about their re-start.

One of the things that Met Express love to do is take their performances on tour. The group does great work in combatting the preconceptions surrounding disability through their public performances, and specifically perform at local specials needs school to inspire children and young people with similar disabilities. This is something that they have really missed during the pandemic and are looking forward to being able to do again soon.

Here is a trailer the group have put together for their latest piece of work about superheroes!

Can you help?

Met Express costs around £5000 a year to run, which is funded by the generosity of our individual givers and a variety of trusts and foundations. We need your help to raise £500 to help Met Express take their performances on tour!  

 Donate today and your generosity will go towards:

  • £5 could pay for a prop for an actor to help them bring their story to life. 
  • £10 could pay for a costume to help an actor transform into their character before your very eyes.
  • £20 could pay for 2 seats on a coach, transporting our actors to perform to their audience, ready to challenge perceptions about disability.
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