The Studio @ The Met is a professional recording facility and part of The Met. The Studio features quality recording equipment and a superb sounding live room.

The Studio provides a full recording service, including bands, ensembles, vocalists and choirs, along with voice-over and voice to picture.

We also provide a professional, radio ready mixing and mastering service, both attended and on-line, along with recording workshops and free sessions for young people.

A link from the main theatre means that gigs can be recorded in the studio. We can provide a fully mixed gig or the raw multi-track files.

For more information, get in touch at 0161 761 7107, or email

Recording: Our beautiful, natural sounding live room brings out the best in acoustic instruments. Drums can sound huge, acoustic instruments sound warm and open. The tighter, drier, booth gives a different acoustic and the opportunity to separate instruments. This is all captured with quality microphones through our Toft ATB24, featuring much of the same design and features as the legendary Trident Series 80 console.

Voice-over and Post Production: We can do all aspects of voice-over and voice to picture recording in our isolated booth, along with editing and post production mixing for television, radio and film.

Mixing: Quality mixing can make or break a track. The studio has superb monitoring from Quested, Neumann and Genelec, the best software plugins from Soundtoys, Plugin Alliance, Fabfilter, Waves, Slate Digital, Softube, PSP and Valhalla among others but most importantly of all, experience from years of mixing and listening. We can offer attended or an on-line mixing service.

Mastering: The final stage before unleashing your tracks on the world Edwin St offers a professional mastering service to give the final polish and sheen to your mixes. Mastering can make a good mix sound great and a great mix sound stellar. It isn’t just making everything loud, it’s making all your mixes sit together, flow and sound good on different systems.

Photoshoot / Film Set: In addition to conventional recording services, our studio can serve as the ideal set for your next music video or photoshoot! Offering a variety of filmable spaces, as well as a range of musical instruments and technical equipment, the studio can help give your next media project extra authenticity. Watch Roisin O’Hagan’s video here to see how our studio was used in her recent music video, and contact us to find out more about how we can support your next project.

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